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Abstruse Group of Companies

Our Story

Founded in 2011

Abstruse Group of Companies has grown from a One-person I.T. start-up of 2011, to a merger of 3 Companies together :

1.) ABSTRUSE INFRASTRUCTURES : Construction & Interior Designing Company.
3.) AMBIKA TRANSPORTERS : Transportation Company.

Under One Roof today Collectively these Businesses have one renowned name ABSTRUSE GROUP OF COMPANIES. .

The path on which we are today is full of unexpected turns led by an insatiable curiosity.


Our Origin

Like every good story

The origins of our name has reference to strong presence of Logics & Techincally sound people working behind the scenes.
When Aman was in college, he was driven by a desire to create work and went beyond just execution of the same – ABSTRUSE implies his desires to achieve perfection. With time, the logo evolved. It denotes the importance of creating work with a flawless flow, sharp features that makes one fall in love with just by a glance at it.
ABSTRUSE isn’t named after a person, our names enabled us to build a creative collective were everybody has ownership.

Innovating Across Sectors

In 7 years, our brand has grown through dedicated efforts of our employees be it OUR Designers, Strategists, Architects, Contractors, Software Developers, IT Professionals, Customer Care Executives or Vehicle Drivers : each one of us gives their best towards their jobs.
Today, Even though our projects continue to grow in scale and consistency - we think in the same way we did when we started. Curiosity and rigor are our biggest motivators now and will remain as we continue to evolve.


Our Clients

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