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What we do & how we do it?

We define a holistic vision for all touchpoints: the physical spaces, brand identity, digital solutions, and operational strategies. Driven by nearly a decade of experience, ABSTRUSE INFRASTRUCTURES’s design-focused approach translates our clients’ ideas into experiences that work in today’s world, and flexible enough for tomorrow’s. Our process delves deep to understand each client’s business, assess objectives and develop strategies that align the brand for success.


Our Approach

01 - Immerse
We ask the right questions to get insight into the client’s company and industry.

02 - Ideate
We brainstorm vigorously, because it’s all about the big idea.

03 - Identify
We ask our clients to identify the strongest concepts.

04 - Develop
We turn these ideas into strategies and solutions for change

05 - Apply
We create a toolkit of capabilities required to get the job done.



Our design-centered approach helps position industries to fit the demands of an ever-evolving world. We work with developers, architects and industry disruptors to envision optimistic, profitable futures for their businesses.


Experience Design

We believe "the experience is the brand." The 360º experiences we design embrace both the physical and digital worlds to ensure that customers come away with a good and positive vibe.


Interior Design

Our long-time success in hospitality design has given us expertise in crafting spaces where people feel welcomed and well treated. Our visionary approach allows us to disrupt a wide range of industries including restaurants, hotels, and healthcare.


Lighting Design

From concept to execution, our lighting specialists bring spaces to life through functional and beautiful illumination.